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Some time ago my brother found my grandfather's journal from WWII. It detailed several months of duty in the south pacific on board the PT-171. The PTs were small, all wood, incredibly fast ships designed to harass the Japanese navy. The men who served on these ships were braver than I could ever imagine.

Reading a Naval-journal is usually dull, its full of navy terms, and reduces a three hour blazing battle into one sentence. To understand what I was reading, I searched the web for phrases and started to find pictures, and stories related to what I was reading. I started collecting these pictures and then organized them into a website so that you too can see the incredible bravery, the mindless dullness of being at sea, and the fury of the war.

The site is arranged as one web page per journal day. Each page has the journal on the left, and linked photo topics to the right. Journal lines are color coded to the time of day, its amazing how much action happened at night, and most frequently on a new moon.

See the Training Guide for PT Crews!

Read the only PT Diary on the web!

Actual Mission Documents For PT-171!

See the PT-171 In Action!

Who is Dinah?

Franks Photos Vol-1

SECRET War Reports w/ PT-171 (Thanks to Steve Thuhy!)

SECRET War Reports (Set 2)

SECRET War Reports (Set 3)

Interview of PT-171 Crew Member: William Gill

Dinah Might Rocks The World

PT-171 In The News (thanks Will Day)

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At Close Quarters PodCast !

Live a day sixty years ago racing a PT boat under fire to rescue a downed pilot. This retro-radio style podcast is one of many episodes of heroric action from the book "At Close Quarters" that are as amazing as they are true.

New to podcasting? Its much like a radio-station with selectable channels that anyone can create and share on the web, usually meant for listening on an iPod or similar MP3 player. But, You dont need to have an iPod to enjoy the story - simply put your headphones on and click here.

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