PT-171 - The Only WW2 PT Journal On The Web
"Give me a fast ship as I intend to go in harms way"
-Capt. John Paul Jones

Some time ago my brother found my grandfather's journal from WWII. It detailed several months of duty in the south pacific on board the PT-171. The PTs were small, all wood, incredibly fast ships designed to harass. The men who served on these ships were braver than I could ever imagine.

Reading a Naval-journal is usually dull, its full of navy terms, and tends to reduce a three hour blazing battle into one sentence. To understand what I was reading, I searched the web for phrases and started to find pictures, and stories related to what I was reading. I started collecting these pictures and then organized them into a website so that you too can see the incredible bravery, the mindless dullness of being at sea, and the fury of the war.

The site is arranged as one web page per journal day. Each page has the journal on the left, and linked photo topics to the right. Journal lines are color coded to the time of day, its amazing how much action happened at night, and most frequently on a full moon.
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PT171 and John F. Kennedy PT171 Nearly lost on delivery

Please understand the photo's are from other sites, and may not directly represent the journal entry - they are included to tell a story.
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